The Second Banana Is Overpowered

There are currently too many uses which are all very reliable

The Second Banana is a Team Fortress Two Heavy secondary that heals two-thirds of the Heavy’s total health when eaten. This regenerates twice as fast as its sister weapon: The Sandvich. When thrown, The Second Banana heals two-fifths that of the Sandvich.

This thing is stupidly overpowered. It heals 200 health and regenerates every 15 seconds.

There is no clear purpose of this weapon. It might be meant to be used as a team weapon, one that can heal teammates a bit (20% of their health) periodically, but the 20% given is too low to be used. Most Heavies I have observed use it as a way to go into battle without a Medic, and step out every fifteen to twenty seconds to heal up. Often times, fifteen seconds is not enough time to take 200 damage with the support of the Heavy’s team.

The Dalohohs Bar

The Dalokohs Bar is the last lunchbox item for the Heavy (and any other class for that matter.) This regenerates every 10 seconds, and regenerates one third of the Heavy’s health when eaten, adds 50 health to his max health, and regenerates 20% health when thrown.

This weapon is used for team play. The measly 50% heath regeneration is not enough to be independent, and waiting 10 seconds to eat another bar, which takes 4.5 seconds, is too much time that you are wasting not shooting people with a minigun you store god knows where. Of course you could keep a couple on the ground, and pick it up when needed, but that bar is much more useful for a Scout on fire or your medic girlfriend. This weapon is used for exactly that — healing teammates on demand.

Of course the Dalokohs bar also adds 50 health, so it is useful to the Heavy to eat as well.

However, the main use for this is a on-demand small health pack for the Medic. In cases where the Medic is under constant fire, the Heavy can spit out health packs to stop afterburn, or just to heal up the medic. The Sandvich does give out a larger payout per throw — 50% health instead of 20% — but the thirty seconds that has to be waited is sometimes too long in some cases.

The Sandvich is not meant for teammates to use— it is meant for the Heavy that has no other healing capabilities. If one HP is left when the Heavy has started eating his Sandvich, he will have a full 300 health when he is done; very useful for getting back into the fight, and not wasting time..

The New Second Banana

The Second Banana should be The Dalokohs Bar, but strictly for healing teammates. My suggested stats are as follows:

  • -50% recharge time
  • Can only be eaten by teammates
  • Max of two Bananas on the ground. No expiration

This is a sandvich that recharges every 15 seconds, cannot be eated by the wielder, and does not expire — though there can be a max of two bananas on the ground. If a banana is thrown when there are already 2 thrown, the banana thrown first will disappear into thin air.

My Second Banana would be used as an emergency health pack for teamates — mainly for the Medic. The Medic is constantly a target for the enemy team; even though his teammates protect him. Often times, he is out in the open, away from a health pack, which means that the Heavy’s food may be the only thing that can heal him — my Second Banana is amazing for those situations, but not much for others.

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