How to write for OneTwentyEight

OneTwentyEight always welcomes anyone who would like to write for us.

There is always something that we have not covered; video games are so complex that no amount of scrutiny can ever completely cover all that there is to video games; not that OneTwentyEight would try to do that anyway.


  1. The post must be well-written. The writing style, however, is completely up to you. A post can range from explaining an idea, to ranting about a game, to explaining how new technology will or could affect video games, to a short story with elaborate characters and plot; a post that has many flaws in argument and meaning will not be accepted.
  2. There must be an image in the post. Preferably, use one at the top. The editors will resize everything if it has not already been resized to the correct size.
  3. A video game review or something like it must talk about how the video game is related to a new technology that the video game uses, or the meaning of the video game. In other words, a video game review must have deeper meaning than how “nice” the game is.
  4. The post must be related to video games, or growing and new technologies.
  5. Keep swearing to a minimum. Swearing is allowed on OneTwentyEight, though it must only be used in quotes, or to add a desired effect where another word is not appropriate.
  6. Use “video game” unless the words are in a quote in which it is written “videogame”. Use the tag “Videogame”
  7. Do not get political. There are exceptions, though it cannot argue a political opinion. If your piece is political, it is better to ask us first.
  8. Use all five tags, and make them related to your piece. If you do not use all five, the editor will add them for you.

There is no limit on the topic of the post, as long as it is related to video games. There are currently no forbidden topics, though there might be in the future.

Tags, title, link, description, subtitle, formatting, etc. will all be taken care of the editor, though feel free to format something yourself if you want your post to be that way.


Every post will be inside one of six categories

  1. Opinion
  2. Journal
  3. Humor
  4. Philosophy
  5. Technology
  6. News

They are self explanatory — if you have any questions, contact us. The category that the post will fit into will be labeled in its kicker.

How to submit a piece

  1. Email with your idea, who you are, why you want to write for us, and why you should be writing it. It is better for you to have our help when writing than to have to fix your writing to adhere to your guidelines. You will receive an email inquiring if your idea is accepted or not. Do not follow the next steps if your piece was not accepted. The email that it comes from must be DKIM signed with the domain; if you have no idea what this is, you will most likely be fine.
  2. Sign up for medium if you are not already. It is preferred that you use your real name and real face for a profile picture, though this is completely up to you, and will not affect your chances of getting your piece published; unless your profile is inappropriate. You may write anonymously.
  3. Email us your profile picture (as the normal, square image) and your @ address.
  4. Finish your piece, feel free to contact us regarding guidelines and requirements.
  5. Submit your piece through the medium editor. Make sure that the publication is set to “OneTwentyEight Blog” You can find this by clicking the three dots in the top right, and clicking “add to publication”.
  6. The editor might make some changes, publish it, or send it back for revision.


Your piece will be copyrighted by OneTwentyEight, and will be protected by us. You may use your piece for anything you choose, whether that be schoolwork, a book, or something else; though it may only be used by you, the author. If someone does not like you using copyrighted material for whatever you are using it for; contact us, and we will give signed permission to you to use it.


OneTwentyEight will usually not compensate its writers. If you demand compensation, include how much you want in your E-Mail. How much you demand will affect if you get accepted or not.