The One Thing Wrong With GTA V’s Anti-Cheat

This was originally posted on January 8th, 2017

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I was thinking about a video I saw the other day; it was about 30 seconds long, and it showed an uncommentated clip of GTA V gameplay. The player was flying a fighter jet over the military base, destroying everything in its sight; normal GTA things. Halfway through the video, a notification appeared on the left side of the screen saying that the player had been gifted $10,000,000. Less than a second later, the player was banned for cheating.

The anti-cheat indeed “did what it was supposed to do”; it saw something that wasn’t supposed to be there, and punished “accordingly”. Normally, the anti-cheat would detect something wrong when the cheating player spawned in the money, but it couldn’t; most cheat-clients come with a feature that keeps the anti-cheat from noticing something wrong. Only the cheater is punished. In this case, the anti-cheat wasn’t designed against the censorship, and only knows that the innocent player got money he shouldn’t have.

Every game has cheaters that are able to avoid detection, but I have never seen one other that accidentally bans innocent players for someone else’s wrong doing.

A review on Steam that perfectly convays this:

Stonedphoenix Review

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